Alt.Oscars Awards Event and Dance Party

On Oscar Night, Sunday March 7th please join the Costume Cultural Society (the upscale persona of Kostume Kult ;) and many fabulous friends on NYC's most outrageous Red Carpet!

Featuring Oscar Viewing in multiple rooms at this posh Greenwich Village club, the Infamous Alty Awards Ceremonies, an Interactive Red Carpet where all are welcome, and a late night Dance Party with DJ's spinning during the commercials and after the show.

Listen to every word of the Hollywood Oscars in the lounge or participate in the Alt.Oscars event in the main room!

Sunday, March 7th 6pm to 2am+
Le Poisson Rouge
158 Bleecker Street
Betw. Sullivan and Thompson streets
Greenwich Village, NYC

$15 presale
$20 door
Food and Drink Specials all night
18+ (yes--bring the kids!)

Dress: Film Character, Pop Culture Icon, Inspired Eccentric, Creative Black Tie or Star-Struck Paparazzi...

Alty Awards for Best Celebrity (delusions of grandeur and temper tantrums encouraged!), Best Costumes (from a recent film), Technical Direction (costumes with tech in them) and Lifetime Achievement (real or imagined)...

Alty Juniors for feats of brilliance and absurdity.

Talent: MC Christopher, multiple DJs (TBA soon) and YOU showing Hollywood how New York has Twice the Glamour and Three Times the Fun!

Volunteer? If you would like to help out or be an official paparazzi or videographer please contact us at Ask for your all-access laminate!

Promo Video (from 2006)

Alt.Oscar Photo Galleries:


The story behind the Alties: Whereas Hollywood caters to "Celebrity Culture," the Alties advocates "Participatory Culture" where there are no VIP areas, where the velvet rope is open to anyone who makes an effort and where drinks and food are affordable to all. We enjoy the style of the Oscars and pay homage to all the actors and filmmakers but with our own New York City attitude! The Alties ran from 2006-2008, we took a break in 2009 to host an Inaugural Ball, and are now re-launching this event for the new decade.

About Costume Cultural Society: Costume Cultural Society advocates costuming and participatory art forms and is the parent organization for the Kostume Kult arts collective which hosts some of the most colorful themed events in New York City today). CCS is a program of the non-profit association Fractured Atlas and has been the lead producer of this event since its inception working closely with the Action Arts League non-profit association. Make a donation to CCS today.

The past year has been a spectacular time for film with many stylish options available from:
Alice In Wonderland (Tim Burton!)
Comes out 2 days before Alties!
Bruno (lederhosen!)
Sherlock Holmes
District 9
Where the Wild Things Are (trolls!)
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (Terry Gilliam film)
Fantastic Mr. Fox
"9" (animated post-apocalypse)
Nine (showgirl glamour)
Star Trek
Land of the Lost (sleestak!)
Night at the Museum 2
Terminator 4
Harry Potter
Whip It (roller girls!)
The Watchman
The Wolfman
Twilight (vampires!)
Or you can be a character from any historical film, a pop-culture icon or pretty much anything that is glamorous or fun.

All are welcome at the Alties!

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