Occupy Red Carpet

Tickets are still available at the door...
See you at the Alties!

Before Zuccotti Park, Tahrir Square and the Tea Bagger movement, there was the Alt.Oscar Awards Event - An annual Oscar spoof where the Red Carpet is not just for the Hollywood 1% but for anyone who makes an effort, brings their fabulousness, attitude and pet causes... Real or imagined.

This Occupation begins on Oscar Night...
Sunday, February 26th
6pm til 2am

152 Orchard Street
Betw Stanton & Rivington
Lower East Side, Manhattan
(Google Maps)

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$20 at the Door
Free after 11:30 (Free Oscars afterparty!) Oscar themed drink and food specials

Alty Awards, Red Carpet interviews, Paparazzi, Dancing, Opinions, Protests and Parody... Award Show and Dance Party upstairs, dedicated Hollywood Oscar viewing in the quiet room downstairs...

DJs Tim Journeyman Fielding and Boris Burning Elf spinning glam-house and electro-funk during commercials and slower parts.

Film Character, Pop Culture Icon, Inspired Eccentric, Creative Black Tie, Star-Stalking Paparazzi or anything fun. Unique protests signs encouraged! Unwashed Hippydom and Jack-Booted Thuggery OK in moderation. For the Alt.Oscar Red Carpet, we are all the 1% ! ... Of something ;)

For Best Celebrities, Best Costumes (from a recent film), Fight the Power! (funniest statements) and Lifetime Achievement (real or imagined)... ALTY JUNIORS for feats of brilliance and absurdity.

Alty Videos


Dragon Tattoos, War Horses. Sherlock, Harry and those Glittery Vampires back at it again... Many others! How about "Oh, The Places You will Go at Burning Man"? Other online memes?

OCCUPIER RANT: We, a committed cadre of creative insurgents and anonymous film buffs, believe it is time for the 99% to overcome the oppression of celebrity hamminess, Botox, and scripted set pieces to Occupy the Oscars. We believe that fabulousness, attitude and glamor are not just for the elite few of the Hollywood machine but for all of those willing to make an effort and strut their stuff, given a stage and an opportunity. Occupy the red carpet. Occupy the acceptance speech. Occupy the dressing room. Take back the Oscars. Overthrow the old order and install art for fun’s sake in its stead. Because revolution does not mean social upheaval alone – it also means fashion, frivolity, and festival.

*** NOTE*** No political statement's are intended in the making of this farce. This is a red-carpeted stage where fun shall be made... At your discretion.

To volunteer, be a photo/video paparazzi, provide faux-glamorous art or decor or participate in the "Occupy The Stage" protestor vs. riot cop dance off, please contact Alty Producer Lina at:


About the Alties: Whereas Hollywood caters to "Celebrity Culture", Alt.Oscar advocates "Participatory Culture" where there are no VIP areas and where the velvet rope is open to anyone who makes an effort. We enjoy the style of Hollywood and pay homage to all the actors and filmmakers but with our own New York City Style!

The Kostume Kult arts collective (aka Costume Cultural Society non-profit) advocates costuming, participatory art forms and culture jamming while hosting a variety of annual themed events.
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