Kostume Kult Reentry 2012

Saturday Night, April 13th, journey to King Kong's mystical home island - a fantastical place where ancient horned reptiles cavort with gigantic mythic creatures while terrorizing the natives! In a spectacular venue in lower Manhattan with multiple rooms of interactive art, performances, video, dancing and HORNS!

Saturday, April 13th
(yes, a 9-hour journey!)

3LD (3 Legged Dog Art & Technology Center)
80 Greenwich Street (at Rector street)
Downtown Manhattan, NYC

$15/20/25 presale tiers
$40 at door


The tale of King Kong's tragic hunt for Ms. Right continues... On Skull Island, dinosaurs, flying reptiles, oversized mammals, giant insects and primitive humans all fight for existence while King Kong, the last of his species, roams alone, looking for love in all the wrong places... Our Horny Kreature's got a special girl and nothing will keep him away -- not even the Cannibal Cops of Art Deco Manhattan! Two environments: Jungle room and NYC room as, after all, Kong was involved with TWO Islands!

Ancient Reptile, Great Ape, Giant Insect, Rain Forest Creatures, Damsels in Distress, Intrepid Explorers, 1930's Art Deco NYC, Japanese Kaiju Monsters and Superstitious Natives. Or anything in HORNS!

Horned Vending by Entwined and Pinkitrix

To present art or perform: go here
To volunteer: go here

DJs spinning electro/progressive house and breaks in two rooms including
Milk (Kostume Kult, OneLegUp)
2Melo (Cumba Mela/Bombeat)
Barney Iller (Vitamin B/Mischief/Rubulad)
Douggie Style (DISORIENT)
Boris "Burning Elf" (Kostume Kult, TOAD)
Tektite (Vitamin B)
Been Jammin' (Entwined)
B3AR (Digital Native NJ)
Orange Krush (Entwined)
Casey Skodnek (The People's Caravan)

GRRRilla and Smilodon Fatalias Aerialis by Kimmy D.
Empire State Stripper Pole by Burning Elf & Matt Boardman
Circling Biplanes
Hand of Kong Photobooth by LiquidmatterNYC
Washed Ashore by Judy Sky
Toad and the Flying Toth
Whence Come We (a Dinosaur Teepee) by Cosmic Velvet
Ginormous Anaconda
Spider Portal
Body art by Kirkworx and others

The Mating Game: A Dating Game for Horny Apes and Distressed Dames where contestants vie for romance by asking questions without seeing each other. Will the stars align? Will True Love Reign? Will Kong get laid at last? Be a contestant and meet your mate!
Fay Ray Drag Racing: Drag Fay Ray as a gorilla or in drag.

VJs: Special presentations in a venue designed for immersive video art including
Max Nova
Metal Tiger
Horus Vacui
Josh Goldberg
Art Deco Animations by Chris Jeffries



King Kong is one of the most told, sequeled and translated stories in all folklore.

King Kong (1933 original)
The Son of Kong (1933)
Mighty Joe Young (1949 with a 1998 Disney remake)
King Kong (1976 Dino DeLaurentis remake)
King Kong Lives (1986 DeLaurentis sequel)
The Mighty Kong (1998 animated musical)
King Kong (2005 Peter Jackson remake)
King of the Lost World (2005)

Wasei Kingu Kongu (1933 silent film - believed lost)
King Kong Appears in Edo (1938)
King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962 aka Toho)
King Kong Escapes (1967 with Mechani-Kong robot kong built by criminal Dr. Who)
Queen Kong (1976 British comedy film that developed a Japanese cult following)
The King Kong Show (1966-1969 Animated TV show and US/Japanese collaboration)

Learn More about the Megaprimatus Kong species here