Kostume Kult's Annual
Spring Fundraiser

Horned Ball 2007

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Springtime comes,
the horned critters rise...

Saturday, April 7, 2007
9:00pm - 5:00am

DJ's Shissla (House of Lotus, SF)
Tim Fielding (Kostume Kult)
Arrow Chrome (Disorient)
Jomai Etu (Kostume Kult)
Ulrich Hagen (Kostume Kult)
spinning deep house, breaks & techno

Club M1-5
52 Walker Street
between Church & Broadway
just south of Canal, NYC

Costume contests and strange rituals
Fashion show by Wheylan Dean-Ford

Wear horoscope, pagan or animal
... Horns!

$15 limited pre-sale, $20 door

Drink specials all night.

As with many other Kostume Kult events, as we weave art with culture and controversial topics like religion, we have received interesting reactions. As an edgy group, we entertain shock value but also explore multiple levels of artistic meaning as diverse people explore different angles on the theme, a variety of costume/art options and their own hilarious/theatrical “shticks.” Easter is a complex topic that was co-opted by Christianity from preceding pagan faiths with our hallmark-holiday culture later wrapping it in bunnies and candy in a mélange of intermixed imagery. As a more pagan-ish event, Horned Ball 3 co-opts easter back for its own twisted ends and a good time will be had by all. Yes, we are a Burning Man theme camp fundraising for the playa, but we are also NYers, and New York has a long tradition of edginess and twisting cultural and religious symbols for artistic ends. Participants beware. Bring your edge or stay at home. This ain’t Kansas… Don your horns and RISE to the occasion. Springtime is here--Be reborn in YOUR image.