Kostume Kult presents...

Horned Ball 6


Horned Ball 2010 was a blast!

Kostume Kult's annual Spring ritual, featuring tribal beats, all night dancing, interactive art, games and prehystorical absurdity

Friday, April 9

Warsaw (a large, amazing venue)
261 Driggs Ave at Eckford (see map)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Subways: Nassau G (closest) or Bedford L

$15 presale
$20 door/ costume
$25 door/ street

Cheap Drinks all night (details below)
8-10pm: 2-for-1 happy hour + food

DJs spinning House, Breaks, Dubstep and Ethnotek in two rooms including Tektite (Kostume Kult/ Vitamin B), Morphous (Kostume Kult), Hellfire Machina (Bass Fueled Mischief), Lee Mayjahs? (PEX),
The Bass (Disorient), Nigel Richards (PEX) and Fabian Alsultany (GlobeSonic/ Body Temple).

ARTISTS/ PERFORMANCES: A collaboration amongst some of NYC's most colorful people with Flora art by Greg Skolozdra, flying, glowing Pterodactyls by Brooklyn Airdrome, prehystoric visuals by Metal Tiger,
VJ Lenka, Jason Weston and Max Nova, cave painting by Kritta and Jimsu, Faux-Flames by Mike Guyver, woodland photobooth by Joe Che & Page Not Found, Mastadonia by Costume Jim, Pygmalion & Galatea by Faux Maux & Big Mike, Evolving Ema: Extinction by ShiZaru.Zoe, Smilodon Fatailis Aerialis by Kimmy Dudek, LED Hula-Hooping by Sandhi Ferreira, Yabba-Dabba-Hoop by Soyboy and whatever YOU contribute to this participatory arts event.

DRESS: Horns, tusks, woolly mammal, dinosaur, urban kaveman or anything extinct (with horns!). An annual spring bacchanal - the idea for Horned Ball is to wear horns of any type whether you want to play along with this year's sub-theme (paleolithikk) or not. Springtime arrives
and the animals are stirring!

COMPETITIONS:  MC'd by Dr. Adventure--- Get ready for the Drag Your Mate by the Hair Races where you will be challenged to drag another around the venue (with a harness that simulates hair-dragging) in an effort to complete a number of tasks along the way... There will also be a Hunter & Gatherer (scavenger) Hunt where participants will gather photos as they hunt "prey"--animals, vegetables and virgins who on the 'endangered species' list.  For both, extra points for style, dementia and photographic brilliance. Speed not a factor. All competitors should arrive before 11pm and seek out Dr. Adventure. If you are coming as a unique creature or character and would like to be hunted please contact kult@kostumekult.com.

FEATURING: Horn & prosthetic brow-ridge vending and multiple rooms of
interactive entertainment... Dance by the fire and bare yourself
to the fertility goddess!

INSPIRATION: This year's theme was inspired by a NY Times article entitled "The New Age Caveman in the City" about modern people living
"paleolithic lifestyles" with ancient diet regimens and "primal" workouts
that "include scooting around the underbrush on all fours, leaping between boulders, playing catch with stones", and other activities replicating "how a prehistoric person might have fled from a mastodon".

VENUE: The Warsaw Polish National Home is a large event/ community space and concert hall on the Greenpoint/ Williamsburg border close to the Nassau Ave G train or about 15 blocks north of the Bedford Ave L train stop on the other side of McCarren Park (walk straight up Driggs) and just off the McGuninness Blvd exit of the BQE. Great, relaxed management, cheap drinksand the food is delicious.

VOLUNTEER? With a Friday event we need helpers able to setup this Friday afternoon and others to breakdown between 5-7am saturday morning...  Extra love and perks for those willing to really step up...  Hit this form if you can contribute and our volunteer coordinator Eden will get back with you shortly.  Volunteer Form

- $5 beers/ wine/ shots
- $6 drinks ($7-$8  top shelf)
- 2-for-1, 8pm-10pm

FOOD: (all night)
$5 entrees (Polish fare) including pierogis, hunters stew, kielbasa
platters, polish canapes

Big thanks to our friends at Reality Sandwich and Evolver
for their support and all that they do.

A Burning Man project fundraiser