2013 NYC Halloween Parade Float

The TRADITION continues!

Kostume Kult's
TiMe WaRpEd
2013 NYC Halloween Parade Float
Thursday, Oct 31st, 6-10pm

Its that TIME again! The Parade is ON and no mega-storm is bearing down on us so, this year, we warp time, taking the parade back from the forces of nature and forward with the magic of the world's biggest halloween celebration.

As always, this is a rolling party with DJs bouncing the float and all those around us up 6th Avenue… All are welcome to join the fun with the few float spots dedicated to the most creative costumes and all those who busted ass for KK this year.

KK's Purple Time Machine Float stages on Spring Street just west of 6th avenue. Decor build starts around 3pm and the parade area starts to get crowded at 6pm… The parade begins at 7 and we will be early into the parade (we are float #4 right behind a small swarm of Lady Buggie art cars) so we can get through the parade and onto our *AFTERPARTY* (see at bottom)

The parade's theme is REVIVAL, rebirthing the parade after its first off year in 40 years. The Float theme *TIME WARP*s back to last year's theme *AGAIN* (and the art we created for it!) and, at our afterparty, we will be ritually SAKKRIFICING all genres of costumers… So note there is no singular theme, as there never is on this krazy, kaleidoscopic night… Bring your best!

DJs spinning fantastic music..

No bags and no bathrooms -- bring only what you can wear and keep intake low until the afterparty! Obey MC Christopher and help us clear the float if we are stopped by the parade marshals or the cops. Be cool.



Kostume Kult's party is a short walk away at Union Square Ballroom at 27 Union Square West at 16th street underneath Coffee Shop… Great venue, many DJs, interactive performances and much crazy art.
Details: https://www.facebook.com/events/151633625046295
and tickets at: http://www.kostumekult.com/events/halloween2013/