Black and Light Ball
Inaugural ball
Horned ball
Burning Man
Black and Light Ball
Horned Ball 08
Alty Awards 08
Santa Con 07
Tompkins Scare Park
Halloween 07
ZombieCon 07
Fallen Angel 07
Burning Man 07
Saturday, May 16
BLACK & LIGHT BALL #10 - Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

Saturday, April 4
HORNED BALL #11 - Enter the Funderdome
With Space Pirates (Philly), a post-apocalyptic, horned homage to the film franchise returning after 30 years...

Saturday, February 14
Valentine's 2015
Baaaad KKids

Saturday, October 18th
Zombiecon #10

Friday, October 31st
Halloween 2014
Monsters under the Bed!

Saturday, July 12
A seedy 70's urban circus!

Saturday, May 10
Black&Light Ball 2014 - HÄUTE KULTÜRE
The annual back-lit, faüx formal mixing stylish luminescence with our special brand of edgy culture. A springtime, burning man project fundraiser featuring high-tech psychedelia, stylish art and an abundance of ünnecessary ümlauts.

Friday, April 4
Horned Ball #10 - RED PLANET
A Retro-Futuristic Martian Fantasy-Scape

Friday, February 14th
A Divine Equine Valentine Delight

Thursday, October 31st
NYC Halloween Parade Float 2013

Thursday, October 31st
Halloween Night 2013

Friday, September 20th
Reentry 2013
Mythic Return

Friday, July 26th
FreaKKshow #6
An interactive, absurdist, asiatic carnival and and all-night dance party...

Saturday, June 1st
Black & Light Ball #8 - Enter The Golden Age

Saturday, April 13th
Horned Ball - Return to Skull Island

Sunday, February 24th
7th Annual Alt.Oscar Awards.
New York’s most outrageous Oscar Party -- where YOU are the celebrity! -- Is Back and Bigger than Ever!
Event pictures: TimeOut NY, Thomas Egan's FB album.

Thursday, February 14th
V2 - Original Sin, a Valentine Soiree
Event pictures: Thomas Egan's FB album.

Saturday, January 26th
2013 Idiotarod
Event pictures: Flickr

Friday, December 28th
Liana & Gearoid's Wacky Tacky Wicked WEDDING

Wednesday, October 31
Alternative Dark Streets Parade:

Rescheduled - Friday, November 2
Fairytale Apocalypse - Kostume Kult's Halloween Party

Saturday, October 20
ZOMBIEBAWL 2012 - Apocalypto Ultimo

Saturday, September 22nd
REENTRY 2012 - TransPorter
KK and PEX team up to present a Trans-Dimensional Portal from BRC to NYC and all night dance party with 3 levels and one of the best sound systems in New York City!

Saturday, July 28th
FreaKKshow #5 - Something Freakky This Way Comes
Our annual circus themed, Burning Man camp fundraiser and all night dance party in an historic Broadway Theater!

Saturday, May 12
BLACK & LIGHT BALL VII - Electric Culture

Friday, April 13th
Horned Ball 2012 ~ARKK~
The Bells Doth Toll for 2012. Storms Multiply, Waters Rise and Life on Earth teeters. On Friday, April 13th Kostume Kult prepares for the Apocalypse with an Arkk of Epic Contortions. Gather all ye Critters - Horned, Fuzzy and Frisky ones all. 2-by-2, 3-by-3 and all combinations thereof. Cross-Breeding Is Encouraged as we endeavor to make the Future a More Interesting Place... Your DNA is requested.

Saturday, March 17th
Leprecon Protest and Leprecon Ball

Sunday, February 26th
Occupy Red Carpet

6th annual Alt.Oscar Awards Event

Saturday, Febuary 11th
~V~, TentaKKles of Love an Anime themed Valentines affair

Saturday, December 10
SantaCon 2011

Monday, October 31
Kostume Kult EYE KANDY Halloween party - a sexy sweet halloween disco

Saturday, October 15
Zombiecon NYC presents: A Game of Brains, a Medi-Evil Zombie Rampage

Saturday, July 23
FreaKKshow IV: Circus Nightmare
Do circus freaks haunt your dreams? Do clowns creep you out? Does carnival music make you cry? Well...

STEP RIGHT THIS WAY ladies and gentlemen and revisit those wonderful feelings with a night of Freaks, Geeks and Childhood Trauma Reenactment...

Friday, May 6th
Galactic Society

Prepare to rejoin Galactic Society in Style as Kostume Kult and Disorient bring you the ultimate interstellar Rite of Passage. Join Ascended Masters, Time Lords, and a host of Alien Species from the Galactic Federation on an cosmic journey of inner and outer transformation. Featuring deep bass frequencies from the best DJs in the Galaxy, stunning blacklight and video installations, and out-of-this-world fashion in a secret Martian cave complex deep below Manhattan.

Friday, April 8th
HORNED BALL #7 - Road To Valhalla
The journey begins to a magickal, distant land with Kostume Kult's most infamous Burning Man fundraiser... A spring bacchanalia where the animals wake from winter's slumber-- this year to be joined by a Viking horde, Scandinavian gods and all manner of mythical creatures... In horns!

Sunday, February 27th
The 5th Annual Alt.Oscars
NY’s most colorful Oscar Party is here again...
Tickets, RSVP and more info on the event page.
Saturday, December 18th
Tron Legacy Movie Release Party
Yes, the wonderful 1982 sci-fi classic is being remade as Tron Legacy and Kostume Kult will be welcoming it in collaboration with Xris SMack and Thrills and Skills in a hi-tech, black lit affair. RSVP and more info on the event page.
Saturday, December 11th
For official Santacon info go to and if you wish to find the Kostume Kulters amongst the many thousands of Santas, please signup for the KK text messaging group here.
Sunday, October 31
Voodoo Boogaloo
Halloween Magick and Sin by Kostume Kult & Choice Cunts.
Event pictures can be found here
Sunday, October 31
Kostume Kult Halloween Parade Float
Kostume Kult will have a float at New York's 38th Village Halloween Parade!
Event pictures can be found here
Saturday, October 16, 2010
Zombiecon 2010 and Zombie Bawl afterparty
See the event page for more information. You must RSVP to learn the start location and get location updates throughout the day.
$10 presale tickets for the afterparty at Le Poison Rouge available here.
Saturday, October 2, 2010
Fairydust ~ A Fall Reentry event
Back from never-never land with magical dust lighting the way, please join the Philadelphia Experiment and Kostume Kult for Fairydust, a Burning Man Reentry event in Times Square, NYC.
Saturday, July 31, 2010
FreaKKshow 3
Kostume Kult's pre-playa fundraising freak out.
Saturday, June 19, 2010
Mermaid Parade

The freaks are on the march in the annual Mermaid Parade.
Kostume Kult will be there!

Saturday, June 11-13, 2010

Figment participatory art festival on Governor's Island.
Kostume Kult will be there!
Saturday, May 22, 2010
Dance Parade

NYC's 4th Annual Dance Parade. Kostume Kult will be there!

Saturday, May 15, 2010
Black and Light Ball V

Disorient & Kostume Kult present: BLACK & LIGHT BALL V

Event Page
Friday, April 9, 2010
Horned Ball 6

Kostume Kult's annual spring fundraiser. See event page for more information.
March 2010

The Alt.Oscar Awards Event
October 2009
Green Halloween

Kostume Kult is part of a national movement towards a healthier Halloween and more earth friendly holidays. See for more information.


July 2009
FreaKKshow 2

Kostume Kult's pre-playa freak out is back. See event page for more information.

May 2009
Black & Light Ball 4

Kostume Kult and Disorient present their annual black and light ball. See event page for more information.

April 2009
Horned Ball

Kostume Kult’s annual rites-of-spring celebration with GlobeSonic Sound System, Reality Sandwich & special guest Daniel Pinchbeck- Author of '2012, The Return of Quetzalcoatl. See event page for more information.

February 2009
In the tradition of the Black & Light Ball--Disorient and Kostume Kult bring their glowy, costumey, deep thumping dance vibe to the water for an all-night blow-out.
See event page for more information.

October 2008
Kostume Kult on its 9th annual float down 6th Avenue. See event page for more information.

NYC Decompression
The New York City Re-entry event "The Flying Laboratory" at Floyd Bennett Field. See event page for more details.

Zombies trade bonds for braaaaains! See event page for more details.
Photos: Costume Network
Videos: Short Videos (by DJ Tektite) | Zombies Eat Fox News 7 min (Crazy Studios - Albert Wilking and Susan McIntosh) | Video 30 min (Richard Calvache)

Kostume Kult's Burning Man Re-entry Party.
See event page for more details.

August 2008
Kostume Kult's pre-Playa freak out. An absurdist ode to Coney Island. See event page for more info.

June 2008
Kostume Kult participates in Figment, a free, non-profit art project that is open to the public in celebration of participatory art and creative culture on Governors Island in New York Harbor. See event page for more info.

Mermaid Parade
Kostume Kult joins in the madness that is the annual Mermaid Parade in Coney Island. See event page for more info.

May 2008
Black and Light Ball

The third annual 'Black-Lit Burner Formal' hosted by Disorient and Kostume Kult in Downtown Manhattan. See event page for more info.

April 2008
Horned Ball

Springtime comes, the horned critters dance! See event page for more info.

February 2008
Alt.Oscar Awards

Be your own celebrity on NYC's most outrageous red carpet! See event page for
more info.

November 2007
Participation, Community & Creativity. NYC Decompression 2007 at the Queens Museum of Art. See event page for more info.

October 2007
Tompkins Scare Park
Tompkins Square Park was transformed into a Halloween extravaganza of lively art, entertainment and healthy treats, including interactive art displays, costume fashion shows, Halloween caroling, and musical performances to delight children and adults. See event page for more info.

Saturday, October 20
Get your undead on! The zombies will rise in search of bloody marys, brains and braaaands! See event page for more info.


Fallen Angel...Re-Entry
Saturday, October 13
Kostume Kult's annual Burning Man Re-Entry Event. A fundraiser for the Black Rock Arts Foundation (BRAF). See event page for more info.

July 2007
Kansas NYC: OZ Before the Storm
Saturday, July 21
The Kostume Kult Pre-Playa Hoe-down. See event page for more info.

June 2007
Glam+Rock Fashion Mixer
Thursday, June 7
The second annual pre-Burning Man happy hour, fashion mixer and dance party with a special appearance by the indie rock band Infidels. See event page for more info.

May 2007
Black and Light Ball
Saturday, May 12
The second annual 'Black-Lit Burner Formal' hosted by Disorient and Kostume Kult in Downtown Manhattan. See event page for photos, etc.

April 2007
Horned Ball 3
Kostume Kult's Annual Spring Fundraiser
Saturday, April 7

March 2007
Saturday, March 17

A singularly insane day of green rampaging like none other.

February 2007
The Alt.Oscar Awards Event
See Website
See the VIDEO
See TIME OUT NY Article

January 2007
FURRIES & FLAPPERS/Spreakeasy party
Saturday, January 20, at LOVE

December 2006
SANTACON NYC (with Bondage Bambi)
Pics and video

November 2006
'Stache Night
A most delighful eve...

Burning Man Decompression
Hallucimil Lounge

October 2006
NYC Halloween Parade
Kostume Kult Float

Tompkins Scare Park
Our new Halloweenfest in Tompkins Square Park

September 2006
Burning Man re-entry party...

August 2006
Kostume Kult Kamp
at Burning Man arts fest


July 2006
Mermaid Parade, Cirque du Sealei
Our entry at this annual Coney Island fest

World Cup Street Theater
A farcical day in Little Italy
Black and Light Ball
A Burning man fundraiser by KK and Disorient
April 2006
Horned Ball
Our annual spring fling

March 2006
Leprechuan Protest


Alt.Oscar Event

February 2006
Idiotarod, "Running of the Idiotabulls"

Our day at this farcical human dogsled/ shopping cart race.

2005 Event Highlights
A wild year... 12+ events