Kostume Kult's Burning Man
Re-entry Event

Saturday October 4th

The study of unique animals outside of modern zoology including extinct beings and those known only from myth or legend.

Stimulating such creatures with hot dance music, random theatrics and all night drink specials...

Kostume Kult, NYrvana Village, The
Pink Pussycat Tribe and numerous other dusty beings emerge to relive
the mythical moments of the not-so-distant past

Sandra Cameron Dance Center
199 Lafayette
between Kenmare and Broome SOHO, NYC

Available at the door
$20 Stylish
$25 Normal

Drink Specials all night
21+ only

Costume Theme includes animals- real or imagined, feathered friends,
evolutionary oddity, bio-luminescent and dusty-fabulous-playa... A sneak-peek of Burning Man 2009's Evolution Theme. This is a low-stress event, come as is convenient to relive the burn or catch a contact high from those who went...

DJ's Tarquin and Tektite (Kostume Kult), John O'Connor (Love Tribe), Reverend Dr. Shamus (Kostume Kult)
and others spinning breakbeats and house until they kick us out...

Visuals by Glassbead Collective. Balloons by Robert Bose. Edgy art by Greg Skolozdra.

Proceeds to support Kostume Kult's annual Halloween Parade float.