Halloween 2013

Kostume Kult Presents - HORSEPLAY
Friday February 14th * 9pm - 4am
A Divine Equine Valentine Delight

On Valentines night we are off to the races, celebrating Love and the Year of the Horse with a frisky frolicky night of clippety clopetty fun. Neigh, Nicker and Nibble... Trot, Traipse, Mingle and Mate... Get out of your stable and onto the dancefloor... Pony Playtime is at hand!

*** Come in-theme or anything valentine-sexy ***

Union Square Ballroom
27 Union Square West at 16th Street

Presale Tiers: $20 / $25
(More at the Door)


Dressage to impress! All are welcome in any red, white or pink Valentine's attire--- Or be Equestrian, Unicorn, Pegasi, My Little Brony, Catherine the Great, Gay Western or Frumpity English... Rainbow Manes, Pony Tails, Clomping Hooves and Riding Boots!... Yippie Ki-Yay and Tally Ho!

DJs spinning in two rooms including
Big Banging Tech Fun in the Show Horse Corral:
Paul Ohh [Philly]
The Adversary - live music set!
Ryan Cavalier [Strategik/Flashbang/SF]
Orange Krush The Beat Kitty [Kostume Kult/Kismet]
Silky Sweaty Deep Stuff in the Bad Pony Stable:
Erika Mysti [SoundPark/Disorient]
Adrian Ravelo [SoundPark/PulseRadio.Net]
Deep Woods [3Bridge Records]
Milk [Geoxie United/Kostume Kult]

Sparkle Pony Jousting
Stallion Stimulation Swingset by Kimmy D & the Pennsyltuckians
Noodle's Yee-Hah Rodeo Petting Zoo
KK Branding station
Fantastical Flora by Greg Skolozdra
Pin the Tail on the Nubile Pony
Brony Indoctrination Station
Swordfight at the KK Corral
Magnum Horse Shoe Toss
Derrière des Chevaux
Carnal Chocolates
Ass Kissing Booth
Pervy Pony Burlesque
Catherine's Great Stallion photobooth

Do you have a project or performance? Would you like to take part in crafting days? Do you own a saddle or have a strong back?
To Volunteer go here
To Propose Art or Performances go here

Producer - Leighann Farrelly
Decor Lead - Noodle (Kyle Miller)
Volunteer Coordinator - Gabi McGarvey
DJ mgmt & Audio Tech - DJ Milk (Geo)
Video - VJ Krunch (Kurt Ritta)