Liana & Gearoid's
Wacky Tacky Wicked WEDDING

With Kostume Kult, Friends & Lovers

On Friday, December 28th please join our loving couple in all their identities - Liana & Gearoid, Teagan & Gerhardt, Lianimal and G-man - for a weird wintertime ode to all wedding forms - White, Black or Rainbow - multi-denominational, shotgun, arranged, or just plain wrong... Get too drunk and make out with the bride... and groom... and bridesmaids... and DJ(s). Knock over the cake, insult the parents and expose yourself in the family portrait.

Friday, December 28th

Tammany Hall
152 Orchard Street
Betw Stanton & Rivington
Lower East Side, NYC

$15 Presale
$20 Door
Drink & Food Specials all night

Dress inappropriately or ostentatiously. Tacky black tie - wear any mix of classy or clashy colors to befit the marriage of fantastical, fairyland creature to a severe, greyscale groom. Over-the-top and beyond, the parents won't be there so no idea is too bad or too good.

Bridezilla competitions, Wedding Party Pole Dancing, Bottomless Flower Girls. Honeymooning Encouraged.

To propose art, performances or volunteer please email the bride at

Love (And Glitter!) is in the Air !!!

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