~ 2005 Highlights ~

Santacon (December): Many Kultists infilitrate this annual santa rampage. <article>.

Hween Parade Float


Halloween Parade Float (Oct. 31)… Our annual bounce up 6th avenue. The most fun you can have in NYC. <Parade Website>

Hween Parade Float

Zombiecon (October )… The first annual undead shopping spree and after-crawl. Wild and will be bigger next year. <website> <Village Voice Article>


Candy Couture (September)... Kultists created an impressive candy fashions display in the windows of Dylans Candy Store <website>

Candy Couture

Burning Man Arts Festival (Aug 27- Sept 5)… The Kult gave away a truckload of costumes in a glowing golden dome. A truly wonderful year in Black Rock City. <article> <BM Site>

Burning Man

Amsterjam Music Festival... (Aug) Kostume Kult named music legend Bootsy Collins the "Chairman of the Board" in front of 30,000 fans. Bootsy! <Bootsy Link>


Oompa Loopy (July)… A "Black Lit, Drunken, Oompa Loompa Dance Party" on the opening night of the Tim Burton film Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. Covered by the <NY Post Article>. <flyer>

Oompa Loopy

Compressor (July)… With Freek Factory, hosted a Costume Giveaway Station at this Burning Man fundraiser.

Compressor Costume Booth

Gay Pride Parade (July)... The summer's largest costume/fashion event.

NYC Gay Pride Parade


Mermaid Parade (June)… Won the "Best Group Theme" award for our Monty Python spoof "Swamalot". <Article>


Burn Mitzvah (May)… A coming of age party for Kostume Kult and the NY area Burning Man community. <article> <flyer>

Hanuka Chicken

Horned Ball (April)… The first annual "Spring Rutting" event, requiring horns and a lust for spring. <article>

Frolickinging with Bambi

St. Paddy's Parade (March)… Even though the lame parade organizers said "No Costumes in the Parade!" (???), we kept sneaking back in...<article>

St. Paddy Parade



Leprecon (March)… Helped launch a pre-paddy day weekend bar crawl with dozens of green-clad maniacs all up to no good… <article>


Idiotarod (Feb)… Participated as the "Post Apocalyptic Pirate Posse" in this competitive spoof of the famed Alaskan dogsled race… <article>

Post Apocalyptic Pirate Posse


~ Prior to 2005 ~

For much more community history check the large photogallery and 5 year webzine at <www.CostumeNetwork.com>